Shibavax launch announcement

About and disclaimer.

Shibavax is a community meme project on Avalanche. Our goal is to give visibility to the Avalanche network and to reward its participants with a fun and community project.

Shibavax remains a meme token. No one on the team will encourage you to buy a lot, and we recommend that you do not invest an amount that you are not ready to loose. Unlike other meme tokens, we won’t promise you ‘x1000' or other ridiculous things.

Launch and metrics.

Shibavax ($SHIBX) will launch tomorrow at 6 p.m. (05/14/21 at 18:00 Paris Time). It will be listed on and two pairs will be available:

Regarding metrics:

There will be a 10% tax on each transaction:
. 10% will go to all holders

Total supply: 10,000,000,000

1% of the supply (100,000,000) will go to the validators of the Avalanche network (960 addresses) through an airdrop, details will arrive soon.
The snapshot took place today at 18:00 Paris Time.

The airdrop will be distributed 24 hours after the launch so that it remains fair for everyone.

89% of the supply will be provided in liquidity on the AVAX and BAG pairs. 45% for AVAX and 44% for BAG.

LPs will immediately be burned after the liquidity is provided. The team will therefore never be able to access these tokens, which will be freely traded on the market. The burn addresss will be posted on Shibavax Twitter right after launch.

10% will go to the team for miscellaneous expenses such as the provision of burned liquidity (AVAX&BAG), marketing and development costs.

To prevent the whales from taking too much of Shibavax, we will implement a buy limit of 5M Shibavax per address for the first few hours.

Shibavax has to be a community coin and not be controlled by a few people.

We have thought of these metrics to make the launch as fair as possible for everyone!

Shibavax Team.




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